Secret Gem of Seattle: Catfish Corner Express!

Catfish Corner Express’s unique flavor has been a staple in Seattle for over 30 years. According to their mission statement “the location and owner may have changed, but the taste and legacy continue to bless Seattle residents new and old for years to come.” Reopened by the grandson of the original owners, Terrell Jackson known as “Catfish” since he was young (@Catfishjackk) and his partner, Raevyn Rainwater’s (@RaevyRave) new location is thriving and serving the delicious food us Seattleites love.

Daily lunch specials available from 11am-2pm!
Wednesdays: Gumbo is available!
Fish Fry Fridays: 2lb’s for $30

Catfish Corner was founded in 1985 by Terrell Jackson’s grandparents. When reopening the business, Terrell’s mission was to “bring a staple back to the community and serve Seattle good food product.” His passion is rooted in seeing the customer’s reactions. The customer keeps him going.

Catfish Corner has a 4-star rating on YELP and is full of reviews from satisfied customers. An example of a stellar YELP customer review reads:

Best fish, prawns, hush puppies, BURGERS even and Gumbo in the area!  Excellent to grab food for the family and take home. There is something on the menu for everyone. Love the attitude from the new management, the beautiful lady (Raevyn) that greets you when you walk in and takes your order, she adds a nice touch. What more can I say? It’s absolutely great food with amazing customer service.”

Felecia Michelle Letcher
INSTAGRAM: @Catfishjackk @RaevyRave

We asked Terrell and Raevyn a few questions about owning and operating a business.

What is the toughest thing is about running a business? What advice do you have for future business owners?

Raevyn: The toughest thing for me about running a business would be balancing business with having a social life. I stay so busy with everything that I rarely have time for anything else. My best advice for future business owners would be to never give up on your goals or dreams. Always surround yourself with people with genuine energy. Always focus on the positives and put God first, ANYTHING is possible!

What is it like owning and operating a business together and being a couple? Do y’all have any tips for maintaining a healthy work & love balance?

Terrell: It depends on what type of business you’re running; it can make it run really well or sometimes harder. And it really depends on the couple as well. My advice for a good balance would be to make sure you guys also have time separate from each other, so you can miss each other.

Raevyn: It’s extremely hard work and it gets extremely challenging. I just focus on the end goals and supporting Terrell with his goals and ambitions. When you see all the progress you’ve made or how it affects the community in a positive way, it’s rewarding. My tip for maintaining a healthy balance would to just have a good form of communication.

The most important fillet (see what I did there?) I asked Terrell for was their SECRET INGREDIENT.. He responded by stating “my food is special because I prepare everything with passion and I send out every order as if it were my own!” .. Well, there we have it, secret ingredient revealed! You’re welcome. 😉


Located in Skyway, right off of Renton Ave, make sure you give Catfish Corner a try next time you’re in the area (11805 Renton Ave S, Seattle, WA 98178, United States). In addition, they have a location opening soon off of 23rd and Jackson in the Central District!

Make sure you follow Catfish Corner Express on their social media accounts (Facebook: @Catfishcornerexpress | Instagram: @Catfishcornerexpress) for lives updates and promotions.

When you visit, don’t forget to let them know Eryn from Passport Proverbs sent you!

Bon Appetite! – Proverbs 16:4

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